The writings of Bryan Alvarez, MRes


Omni – “of all things”

Future – “time that is to be or come hereafter”

My name is Bryan Alvarez. I’m an anthropologist by training and an artist at heart. Omnifuture is about all of the possibilities and potential realities that lay before us as we stand at the cosmic crossroads of time and space. We must remember that the future belongs to those that are willing to become co-creators in the powerful transformation that is occurring.

I have been walking this path seeking understanding through the western mystery traditions for a decade. I have been fortunate to have participated in many different manifestations of magick, mysticism and spirituality.

I started Omnifuture because I enjoy reading, writing, and talking about magick, culture & consciousness. I live in Chicago, play music, write, meditate, and travel. I have always been fascinated to hear about the lives of magicians and shamans and how they practiced this art. All mystical jargon aside, hearing the stories of occultists, shamans and spiritual students has greatly influenced me. It is my hope that by sharing my ideas and stories the reader may gain an insight in themselves and their unique paths.

Expect to read about many different things that I have found to be very helpful to me over the years, including my studies into the deep realms of consciousness and how art and magick have been my guides. You might even see some special guests joining along the way.

Thanks for reading.



You are your own person. I take no responsibility for any individual who comes into harm through the use of practices or substances mentioned here. Certain substances may be illegal in your country. It is your responsibility to know the laws before doing anything that may be illegal and/or dangerous and to take the necessary precautions regarding any psychomagical practice.