Total Solar Eclipse & Visions of the New Myth

When one galactic portal closes, another galactic portal opens up.

I biked through the park seeking just the right spot. I allowed my intuition to scan the lay of the land carefully trying to find a space that was just isolated enough to perform something ceremonial without being seen but just close enough to feel the energy of anticipation of the eclipse. I followed the Sun and found myself between three large trees. Here I lay down a blanket and set up the altar paying homage to the four directions and elements. This particular spot gave me the option to perform something more ceremonial without distractions from the other onlookers that were in the park. Living in a big city, having such a large park here with trees and ponds is a godsend to if only for a moment get away from the skyscrapers and concrete jungle that goes in every direction. The juxtaposition of skyscrapers and modern technology set against the backdrop of an ancient occurrence such as a total solar eclipse did not escape me. The mysterious power that emanates from such an occurrence, despite knowing what we do now scientifically, must have a large resonance within our consciousness. Seeing that large solar entity that we perpetually whirl around being covered by what we “know” is smaller celestial body invokes a sense of wonder.

The ancient myths say that the sun is about to be eaten. The Hindu deity Rahu after drinking the God’s nectar Amrita was beheaded. His head flies off into the sky and eats the sun. The native american Pomo tribes say that a bear got into a fight with the sun and took a bite out of it, thereby causing the sun to vanish. The Vietnamese claimed a large frog was coming to devour the sun and so they would make lots of noise to scare away the frog. The Norse believed it was instead a wolf that was coming to devour the sun. The ancient Greeks took a total solar eclipse as a sign that danger was imminent. The king would fall and evil would rain down upon the land. Aztec priests took the eclipse so seriously, predicting that if an earthquake occurred simultaneously than the world would indeed end. For this reason then they would perform human sacrifice to appease the Gods and to prevent the destruction of the world.

As I set up the altar, I can feel the land and hear the insects. I wonder to myself how the plants and animals are affected by the eclipses. Do they to have some sort of spiritual experience? We as animals certainly seem to in some way. I set up the altar seeing the four directions and noticing the land in a way I would not otherwise. The sun is shining. There’s still some time before the main event. I wasn’t the only one in the park but I may have been the only one that set up an altar between trees with a good  view of the Sun near the above me. I can sense the anticipation in the air permeating everyone and all things in this moment.

I felt a sense of anxiety building up. Or was it anticipation? In either case there was a nervous energy I could feel surrounding me. I concentrated on the altar and listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

There are many reasons why this eclipse was important. Not just because the last full solar eclipse was on June 8th, 1918, with the next one being on April 8th, 2024. What this eclipse did was close out the energetic gateway that was opened a few weeks prior. On August 8th 2017 there was a partial lunar eclipse that set in motion a shift both mentally and emotionally. It was visible over Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This Gateway traversed the sign of Leo and as such brings a strong sense of strength and spirituality.

I had heard of people bringing out their stones and magical tools to be charged by the energy. This seemed strange to me as we would be deprived of the Sun’s light momentarily. In this moment it was as if the spirit of the sun was willing to go deep into the subconscious maze represented by the moon. If the sun is a symbol of our higher genius and our Holy Guardian Angel as symbolized by the initiation into Tiphareth, the sun center of the Tree of Life, then in this moment we would be deprived of that energy and be thrust into the subconscious self. In this moment we would be left wide open without the light of the sun taking its place. My intuition said this would be an opportunity to clear things away and remove stagnant energy. With the sun’s lights being blocked by the moon, feeling the pull from the four directions, a clearing was coming. Were the Greeks right in seeing this as an omen of the fall of the king?

The country has been transforming very rapidly, and there has been many people adjusting not so well to the change. What is also interesting is that this eclipse shined directly over the United States. So if we take this idea of cleaning out the obstacles in our life to be receptive for the new paradigm that is manifesting and apply it to the country as a whole we can see change is coming. Socially we are alchemically volatile right now. Psychologically we are expanded to the point of breaking. Magically we are the most powerful we’ve ever been. The new Generations of Mystics, magicians, shamans, and all the other spiritually activated individuals are using this cosmic power, wielding the energy of the eclipse, and projecting it forward for the alchemical change that is occurring. Evolution is speaking to us and we must listen.

The moon began to move into her place, beginning that planetary dance of matter and gravity. During this eclipse the moon stood fully in between Earth and the sun. The sun and it’s masculine Glory will be overshadowed by the feminine lunar energy. This is symbolic of the change that is occurring in the country and around the world right now. From a magical perspective what we see is an opportunity to clear obstacles that stand before us. The Sun is spiritually symbolic of our higher self and when the moon separates us from that we have a rare opportunity to cleanse our lower bodies. It is a road opener if you will. Being able to remove obstacles, creating space, allows our lower self to create an opening to which if performed intentionally can bring in prosperity and growth as the sun returns to its full brightness, giving us the strength of Leo. The eclipse may be over but the work is now beginning. Allowing our lower ourselves to be cleansed in such a way we can set intentions to bring in that which we need. Even though it was cloudy we were still able to see the eclipse in all its Glory. Contemplating that higher self as represented by the Sun, Tiphereth on the tree of life, that initiation towards our holy guardian angel, brought on a lot of different emotions. The realization that we are headed into a new paradigm, with the eclipse symbolic of opening our pathways, I had to ask what is after this? Climbing up the tree of life from Earth to moon to Sun we find the galactic center as the new higher consciousness

I sat in silence and meditated with the eclipse. I saw the darkness descend upon the land and the shift beginning to occur. I sat on a dark earth, with a dark moon blotting out a darkened sun. Yet the light must still be shining from somewhere. I see the image of Jacob’s Ladder before me. This image shows how the worlds of the Qabalah fit together, creating a pathway to the celestial realms. While it is a symbol of ascension, it also implies descension. I see the new moon in the position of Da’ath. And yet it is just an illusion for the true Da’ath center comes from that holy and mysterious black hole center of our Milky Way galaxy. The vision becomes clear and I see the  connection between the new moon eclipsing the sun in totality that connects to the galactic center.

This is spiritual evolution. Visions of extraterrestrial forms entered into my consciousness as archetypes of what our DNA is consciously moving toward. The sun’s light shines down in prismatic forms creating the merkaba vehicle to which our conscious DNA is able to travel, grokking reality in a way more deeply and meaningful. This was an initiation for our lower selves to set intentions for the future of our evolutionary process, showing how we can become co-creators in the reality matrix we are a part. The sun had become eclipsed by the moon. The gateway had opened and I was able to see deeper into my subconscious.

I sat in silence for a while. When the time was right, I picked up the large shaker and made noise to scare away the massive frog that had come to eat the sun. I think it worked. 

And so the Great American full solar eclipse has come and gone, thus closing the Galactic portal that has been open for a couple of weeks now. The moment of the eclipse was certainly a breath of fresh air. For me it was a buildup of stress leading to the moment of the eclipse, which then resulted in clarity. Shortly thereafter I could feel an emotional sensitivity, which is common after a spiritual cleansing. Energetically I could feel the roads being open, like an open wound that with the right medicine can be healed. I could sense a shift in the social climate of the country, knowing that while everyone may not agree on what the eclipse means we could at least sit and enjoy it together unified under the celestial dance that is our solar system.

Today begins a new era of consciousness in this country. This is the beginning of the new myth. The alchemical process will continue and yet with intention we can guide the evolutionary process. Through these experiences, uniting under the astrological celebrations, we can become a nation united as we partake of that ultimate sacramental medicine, the Great Mystery itself.

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