“Alquimia Vegetal “

1. Winding, serpentine spirit, hide thy self under the face of the water. Holy water penetrate into the darkest of recesses, bending and arching over the earth. Release your muscular armor and raise thine awareness to a level of great sensitivity.

2. Sing! Sing! The pentagram sings! Holy star! Purifier of the elements! Sing! Sing! The hexagram sings! Holy star! Purifier of the planets! Holy art Thou oh Lord of the Universe! Holy art Thou which nature has not formed! Holy! Holy! For it is your magick, not mine that I perform! Your hand guides mine in this alchemical transformation!

3. Terra! Rain down in deathly blows to reveal thine door to your mysteries! When the one becomes many so is nature revealed. Allow us to see beyond your veil. Calcine mine soul!

4. Aqua! Dissolve thine spirit into your heavenly menstruum. Calce, citrum, holy fruit from the Tree of Knowledge separate mine spirit from bondage! Not once, not twice, but thrice!

5. Aer! Oh green queen, holy art thou, for your leaves give me the light to see. Conjoin your spirit with mine, for I have been reduced to one million selves with one million minds oriented towards the one source of thine light. Let us walk hand in hand!

6. Ignis! Raise thine life force and rectify your spirit! Distill your energy! Become purified through the purifying fire! Concentration, meditation, coagulation!

7. And she is revealed. Holy woman of the stars, heal me with your medicine. Exalt mine consciousness, heal my body, purify my emotions, and consecrate my spirit!






Herein is the method of alchemical success. It is not enough to merely imbibe the sacrament of the Goddess. We must also by its transmutation plant the seed of transformation in our being to climb the branches of transhuman initiation. This is not a secret but a reminder of our evolutionary potential. It is plant technology.

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