A Little Introduction

I spent a lot of time thinking about making this blog. It’s rather exciting to be writing this right now. There are so many ways that I could have approached making a blog on magick, consciousness, technology, literature, pop culture, psychedelic culture, Anthropology and whatever else that causes a chain reaction of ideas in my brain. How does one even begin such a blog with all of this? The possibilities of what could be are quite open ended. I’d like to tell a bit about myself, but maybe I should start by setting the scene.

I’m sitting in my apartment on a warm spring afternoon in Chicago. It’s a beautiful day and I feel like I should probably go out there soon to enjoy the sunlight while it’s still up. For those counting, the sun is in Taurus, and it’s a full moon in Pisces. I feel good about writing this first entry in the sign of Taurus. Taurus strives for spiritual truths but only so it can be used practically. Either way I just missed Aries, which is the actual start of the zodiacal new year.

Before starting this new outlet for the strange and interesting things on my mind, I first had to ask myself, “Who is the audience?” And of course, the answer is you! If you are anything like me than you also have more than just a passing interest in the esoteric, counterculture, the psychedelic and the all around weird. If so, then I think you’re in the right place. I’ll be writing and posting about a number of different things on a variety of topics in some vain attempt at understanding what it is I actually believe. I’m reminded of one of my old mentors in college who after I had asked him a very similar question responded “I believe the last thing I read.” In that particular moment he had instilled in me a very strong belief. The answers to these cosmic questions lay in the pursuit of knowledge and experience. And if we are to attempt to understand anything we should try to consider it from all sides. Otherwise we might end up arguing what an elephant is shaped like. For those wondering, just look up “blind men and an elephant.”

So let me tell you about myself. A decade ago I began practicing western esotericism. I had certainly known about it for quite some time, but it was only then that I really started attempt to unravel the mysteries hidden within. When I was a young boy my mother used to dabble in Wicca. I didn’t really understand what it was at the time, but the exposure to it at such a young age I’m sure played a role in my interest in it in my early twenties. At this point I had already been experimenting with altered states of consciousness using music, art and drugs. By the time I had found occultism to be a viable spiritual practice I was already quite immersed in psychedelic states of mind.

To me, psychedelics and the occult seemed to be the answer and so I sought to find one of those elusive groups that partook of “strange drugs thereof” while performing esoteric freemasonic rituals to conjure other worldly spirits to manifestation. Little did I know that the use of drugs in occult magick was quite common. In this search I found so much more. Over time I would come to meet any number of occult magicians, shamans and artists who would become very influential to me. Each magical experience would be a key unlocking the door to new levels of understanding. And with each new doorway opened I found myself going deeper into the maze. And the deeper I went the stranger the world became. And when you look at the state of the world as it is today, I don’t think it’s just my perception that’s shifting. I should note that I take no responsibility for anything you choose to do and do not condone irresponsible use of drugs of any sort.

Western esoteric practice has been growing quite steadily since the 1960s. Today in the new millennium it is at a point of critical mass, where enough people are syncretizing the practices of old and forging a path into the future. We have entered the information age and the world is becoming digital. I’m hesitant to even use the phrase “occult” anymore. Occult means hidden. And with the growth of the digital, much of what was previously hidden is right out in the open now. The spiritual seeker can amass a large collection of esoteric literature. Yet with this a new dilemma has arisen, one that is very telling of our digital world. Seeking is the first step, but learning discernment is the new paradigm of the information age. This discernment is as some intuitive process to help one find that path that is fitting for them. As people develop their intuition and begin finding nuggets of truth hidden in the endless stream of data and books on the internet, it would seem these nuggets of truth are applied in new and exciting ways. The question of if one should create a syncretization of wildly different spiritual practices is one that is not easily answered. I think it’s important to continue developing discernment and intuition, trying to understand the subtle differences between different practices, spiritual and otherwise. But this is a longer conversation for another day.

Needless to say, I’ve got a very strange set of beliefs over all. And my belief system is pretty malleable when it comes down to it. We live in very eclectic times spiritually, technologically, and culturally, and I look forward to our time together.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “A Little Introduction”

  1. Great article Bryan and a great blog. I look forward to reading more about your magickal journey. I think often the only place many Mystics find a synergy of all the different paths is within where a lot of it came from: Neo-Platonism and Ancient Egyptian/Greek Theurgy. That philosophy seems to sum it up beautifully and pulls the strands together.


    1. Thank you, frater. I agree about going back to the beginning can give good insight on the syncretic practices of today. I’ll be exploring more on these ideas certainly. Syncretism and synergy are incredibly fascinating topics. I am particularly fascinated by how the origins of the western mysteries have shaped (and are shaped by) the current new paradigm movements and the growth of communication technology.


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